Sunday, November 27, 2016

Too much Turkey and a New Instant Pot???

GREAT!!! You are in Luck!!! I love turkey sandwiches, but eventually you get down to just the bits and pieces of turkey, and those are difficult to make a good sandwich. I recently found a new blog that I LOVE and found this recipe. YUM!!!! AND I just so happen to have an Instant Pot to make that rice OH SO FAST and easy!!

Well I decided to combine the two. And start figuring out how to do this whole post videos to YouTube. It's really good that the 11 year old loves to help out. SO..... Here is a link to my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW YouTube Channel and the first video on how to make RICE!!!

Rice Part  1

Rice Part 2

Rice  Part 3

Making the Turkey Rice Salad.

Link to the recipe for the Turkey Rice Salad
(Note: I added some red onion, and you don't see it in the video, because my phone ran out of memory... I also added some leftover bacon, 4 slices, I really liked the smoky flavor this added.) Additionally, the recipe calls for spinach... only I happen to have an over-abundance of fresh leaf lettuce, so I used that, and it added the green just the same.

If you follow my blog and cooking style for very long at all, you will quickly learn I am a cook of invention, inspiration, and minimal waste. I HATE throwing away food. If I don't get this lettuce used up.... it will become compost, not HORRIBLE, but not what its original intention was.

Here is the finished Rice Salad. It was delicious. So much crunch and texture.
SO... there you have it! My first attempt at blogging, vlogging, and teaching cooking skills all rolled into one. I'd LOVE your feedback! Constructive criticism is GREATLY appreciated (in a kind way please!) I learned a LOT from doing this over the past two days. I already have some ideas for how to improve what I'm doing, but for the first time at trying this.... I'm ok with how it turned out. THANKS for stopping by!!!

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