Friday, June 19, 2015


I have never in my life liked pickles. Which has been interesting. My Grandma Yost was KNOWN for her home made pickles. She pickled most anything and everything. She won many county and even state fair ribbons for her pickles. If grandma was bringing food to something, she brought (among other things) a pickle plate. All homemade pickles, and if it was around Christmas, Pickled Herring too.

I should like pickles. I love cucumbers. I like sweet. I like tangy. I like dill. But I do not like pickles. Until today. After a very arduous trip to LPSDO (Lincoln Public Schools District Office) all in the name of checking out a credit card for this little culinary camp adventure I'm about to embark on, I decided to stop at Whole Foods. It was nearly lunch time, and I noticed they were grilling in the parking lot. EXCELLENT burger and some chips and a drink for just over $5. I digress. Pickles. One of the toppings for their burgers was their "house label" bread and butter pickles. I wasn't going to take one, but the grill master insisted I try one. Ok, Ok, I'll play... I tried one. And asked for another. It was the perfect blend of sweet/spicy/tangy. And oh, my, the crunch. Delicous. I was hooked. So hooked in fact, that I ventured into the store, and bought a jar all for myself. Ok, and a few other things as well. DANGIT. Oh well. I'm glad that jar of pickles is in the fridge. A very tasty snack.

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